Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Brits Should Cover Up Their Daughters" Says Lauren Booth

Muslimah Lauren With Hubby She Stole From Another Woman 
LAUREN BOOTH, the sister-in-law of Tony Blair, has called on more families to follow the example of British Muslims and cover up their daughters at school.
Booth said Muslim schools in Manchester, where she now lives, had a “refreshingly modest dress code” which, she argued, could boost girls’ academic success and improve their emotional well-being.
“I think most parents would agree that they would like girls to dress modestly. I don’t think many parents are happy to see girls wearing make-up aged 10 and hoicking their skirts up to their thighs,” she said.
“I think if it is the best school in your area, wearing the hijab [a Muslim headscarf] is not that bad. You can take it off when you go home.”
Oh Lauren,Lauren why don't you worry about your own daughters and let the rest of the Brits worry about theirs!  


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  1. What a fat disgusting excuse for a human.